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Born and raised in the sunny seaside town of Brighton, The Starrlite Beatles have been bringing the love to the UK since early 2010. With their attention to detail, authenticity and impressive knowledge on all things Beatles, the boys never fail to impress even the most informed beatles fan. The Starrlite Beatles capture the excitement of the early rock ‘n’ roll days through to the classic sing-along anthems of the Beatles final years. From Please Please Me to Let It Be, no album has been left out of their hit-packed show. They will take you on a musical journey through the songs and let you experience the sights and sounds of what it would have been like to see the fab four live onstage.

The first part of the show will see the band playing songs from the albums, Please Please Me, With The Beatles, Hard Day’s Night and of course the one in colour….. Help!.
The raw energy from the early Cavern Club gigs shines through with those classic rockin’ hits, ‘Roll Over Beethoven’, ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and ‘Please Mr Postman’.  Let yourself soak up the madness and excitement from Shea Stadium with classic tunes, ‘I Feel Fine’, ‘Hard Days Night’ and ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’.

The second act sees the band transform into the iconic clothes the Beatles wore during their later era. Lennon’s famous white suit, Harrison’s ‘mad day out’ attire and even Ringo’s red mac all get donned to heighten the experience and performance. Songs that never got to be played live get the Starrlite treatment, ‘Come Together’, ‘Back in the USSR’ and ‘Something’, are just a taste of what’s in store.

The Starrlite Beatles mix their set-lists with the more popular, well known and loved hits but they also throw in a few obscure tunes for the Beatle fanatic in the crowd. No album or B-side is left unturned and no gig is ever the same, with new songs being added frequently you’ll never get the same show twice. Let The Starrlite Beatles take you back to the world of John, Paul, George and Ringo and you are guaranteed a fantastic time!

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Meet The Starrlite Beatles!

Tribute Paul McCartney

Dan Phelps

As Paul McCartney

Bitten by the Beatle bug at the age of 6, Dan has musically moulded himself on McCartney. A self taught guitarist and bassist, Dan portrays Paul down to the last wink and wiggle.

Tribute John Lennon

Pete Mitchell

As John Lennon

Rock ‘n’ Roll is in this man’s soul, his love for those classic stompin’ Beatles hits shines through onstage. A natural frontman, Pete mirrors the genius of Lennon’s charisma and wit perfectly.


Scott Pethick

As George Harrison

From twanging rock ‘n’ roll leads to smooth and psychedelic melodies, Scott delivers a plethora of vintage Harrison sounds. He’s the quiet one of the group but not afraid to vocally deliver his favorite tunes ‘You’re Gonna Lose that Girl’ and ‘Roll over Beethoven’.

Tribute Ringo Starr

George Searle

As Ringo Starr

George is the UK’s youngest professional Ringo Starr! His youthful energy comes across on stage during his favourite hits, ‘I Feel Fine’ and ‘Act Naturally’ where he can regularly be seen furiously shaking his hair to the beat. The clown of the band, George can always be relied upon for that quirky Beatles humour. Peace and love!